Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pinteresting Cookie Recipes for your Holiday Cookie Exchange

Ladies and gentleman, cookie exchange season is nearly upon us and if you’re anything like we are (more than slightly competitive), you've already started thinking about leaving the competition in the dust (or flour, you know). So whether you’re already planning your “Best Overall Cookie” acceptance speech, or if you simply enjoy drooling over images of sweet, buttery cookies, here are our favorite cookie recipes currently found on Pinterest.

French Butter Cookie - Chatelaine
While Christmas does tend to be the time when cookies bakers pull out every fancy decorating trick they know, we can't help falling for the classics. Don't get us wrong, candy and frosting are wonderful. It's just that sometimes all we really want is the simple taste of a moist, buttery cookie. These little gems definitely hit the spot.

Apple Pie Cookies - Oh Bite It
Ok, we know, we know, technically these may not be considered home made, since they're made with Pillsbury pie crust and apple pie filling, but these cookies are simply the most ingeniously delicious looking thing we have seen in a long time. These absolutely charming apple pie cookies give us the chance to have our pie and cookies too. If you love these cookies, and your cookie exchange hostess (or you) are a real stickler with the made from scratch rule, you could certainly make your own crust, etc.  These are definitely a cookie exchange prize winner!

Dark chocolate Butterfinger cookies - Inside Bru Crew
I really don't think we need to explain what makes these amazing! Dark chocolate and butterfinger chocolate bars coming together to create one unique, chocolaty bite of sheer magic.

Pecan Sandies - Lovin' from the Oven
Again, you simply cannot beat a classic at Christmas time! These cookies are simply, nutty, buttery and just plain delicious. We'd take a handful one or two of these with a hot cup of tea anytime!

We just know that any one of these recipes will put you on your way toward a best tasting, best looking, or best overall cookie exchange award!!

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