Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Women’s milestone birthday ideas - Gather the girls and go all out

It seems that unlike for men, there are numerous women’s milestone birthday ideas. One of our favorite ways to celebrate a woman’s milestone birthday is gather the girls and enjoy a full tilt ladies night out. We’re talking dinner, dancing and the kids at home with dad (or grandma). Of course it’s wonderful to celebrate with a nice family dinner, but sometimes a gal wants to put her heels on, grab the small purse (you know, the one without baby food pouches, bibs, toys and graham cracker crumbs at the bottom) turn the town upside down with a few of her besties.

Not into dancing? How about dinner and a movie, dinner and a Broadway show, or even just dinner with your closest friends? The point is that even if you’re not celebrating a milestone birthday, or even a birthday at all, we think it does a woman’s soul good to get out and just be one of the girls, even if it’s only for an evening.

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